Best BBQ Grills, Inc., is pleased to present the complete line of Wilmington Grill’s all-stainless steel gas and charcoal grills built for a lifetime of high-quality grilling performance. Whether you are tailgating or camping and need ultimate portability, or looking to make a permanent addition to your deck or patio, we have a grill to meet your needs.

Featuring an exclusive seven-sided top, cast stainless steel burners and heavy gauge stainless steel construction, our grills are available in charcoal, propane, and natural gas models offer optional accessories to convert to a steamer or a smoker. Our charcoal grill model offers the same heavy gauge construction and the features you’ll love.

stainless grillWilmington Grills are designed and built for a lifetime. The Wilmington Grill is constructed with heavy gauge 304 stainless steel construction combined with the durability and performance of cast stainless steel burners in our Cape Fear Gas Grill line that consistently deliver high quality performance and durability.

“I have had my Wilmington Grill about 10 years. Have made no repairs. Works as good now as the day I got it. Thanks for making a great American Product.”

A lifetime of grilling backed by the best warranty around

We recognize the future of grilling has moved towards higher quality products that last longer and provide a more versatile cooking experience.  Our products are made in the USA.  The cast stainless burners carry a lifetime warranty.  Anything on the grill that can be stainless steel is just that.  People do not purchase a kitchen appliance with an expectation of it only lasting a few years and this same theory is being put to use on decks and in outdoor kitchens.  When a grill master knows they’re going to purchase the last grill they ever buy it seems to expand their ideas of cooking items and creativity.  The longer you own your Best BBQ Grill, the more you love your grill!

Our product line is capable of grilling, searing, smoking, baking and steaming with propane or charcoal all in the same grill.  We added a griddle this past year by demand from our clients.  They want to cook everything outside and keep the kitchen clean!  I have men and women approach me at events to show me pictures on how they did their turkey or baked a cake.  We love the feedback and thrive on the excitement of our clients.  Our customizing capabilities set us apart of being able to connect with each and every client.  Our grills are handmade and provide us the flexibility to build to our client’s wants and needs.  This along with the ultimate cooking experience of a grill that lasts a lifetime is expanding our business internationally from just a small coastal town grill master who was tired of replacing a grill!

Bringing Friends and Family together!